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Poker face | Definition of Poker face at Poker face definition, an expressionless face: He can tell a funny story with a poker face. See more. ... Idioms and Phrases with poker face ... POKER FACE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary poker face definition: 1. an expression on someone's face that does not show what they are thinking or feeling: 2. an expression on someone's face that does not ... Poker face definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary Poker face definition: A poker face is an expression on your face that shows none of your feelings . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. What Does Poker Face Mean? - Writing Explained

What Does Poker Face Mean? - Writing Explained

poker face n. A face lacking any interpretable expression, as that of an expert poker player. pok′er·faced′ (pō′kər-fāst′) adj. poker face n informal a face without expression, as that of a poker player attempting to conceal the value of his cards pok′er face` n. a face that shows no emotion or intention. [1880–85, Amer.] pok′er-faced ... poker face - idioms 4 you poker face - Examples:. 1) The host will maintain a consistent poker face and stick to a strict regimen of neutral comments. 2) You better check the leaderboard because Dufner has golf's best poker face and he isn't giving anything away. 3) And so, with the best poker face I had, I sternly warned her that she had one more chance. 4) Try not to get too excited. What is another word for poker face - WordHippo

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Idioms Sadlier Units 1-3. Idioms. STUDY. PLAY. Idiom. An informal expression whose literal meaning does not help the reader or listener figure out what the expression means. The meaning is completely figurative and not to be taken literally. raise a stink. ... wore a poker face. A face lacking any interpretable expression. get carried away. Poker - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

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A visage lacking any expression that can be interpreted, as in Whenever Betty attended one of her children's performances, she managed to keep a poker face.This term alludes to the facial expression of a poker player who is expert at concealing his feelings about his hand. Idiom : Have a poker face. , meaning and usage Meaning : If you have a poker face, you show no emotion at all. Usage : In spite of the repeated details of the events, the criminal kept a poker face. Idioms by alphabet

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poker-faced definition: not showing what you are thinking or feeling in your face: . ... at poker face; See all meanings. Word of the Day. poacher. someone who catches and kills animals illegally ... animal idioms, part 1. April 24, 2019. Read More. New Words. shrobing noun. April 22, 2019. More new words. Get our free widgets. Add the power of ... How to Have a Good Poker Face: 13 Steps (with Pictures ... How to Have a Good Poker Face. Having a good poker face is harder than you think when tensions are high. It can be very difficult to contain your reaction, whether it's excitement or disappointment. Learning to relax and controlling your... Poker face dictionary definition | poker face defined (poker) An impassive facial expression cultivated to prevent other players from determining whether one's actions in the game are the result of a quality hand, or of bluffing. Though he thought he had a perfect poker face, he had a number of tells his opponents soon learned.