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Polar bear 7 or 8/10 due to the fact that when the tiger actually hits the polar bear, the polar bears blubber (which is around 11cm thick) and it's fur is just too thick for the tiger to do enough damage to the bear before the bear wins. Who would win tiger vs bear vs monkey vs bat - answers.com The bear would win since it would be much larger and stronger. No is hard to take down a black bear for a sibrean tiger,a grizzly bear would kill the sibrean tiger a brown bear no a Kodak bear yes Tiger vs Polar Bear. Who would win? - Page 2 - MMO-Champion Oct 29, 2011 · A polar bear would destroy the shit out of anything short of an Elephant or Rhino, or possibly a hippo/salt water crocodile. they are the biggest land predators, their jaws are so big they can literally hold a basketball in their mouth (which would be instantly popped by 3 inch teeth), they are really fast, really aggressive, they are enormously strong, and they have giant sharp ass claws. Siberian Tiger vs. Polar Bear??? who wins? | Yahoo Answers

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If a lion and tiger got into a fight, who would win? FAQs; If a lion and tiger got into a fight, who would win? January 27, 2018. lion vs. tiger. The tiger has a size advantage. ... One on one tiger wins hands down power speed agility smart, but lion isn't about going alone, they are the only big cats to live in large groups, and no fucking ... Mother Bear Fights Tiger to Save Her Cub in Dramatic Video 2018-3-5 · The fight began when the sloth bear and its cub approached where the tiger was drinking. The tiger immediately charged the bear when it reached the water. The fight went on for 15 minutes. Each animal is likely to have sustained notable injuries, but the sloth bear was able to protect its cub.

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Who would win a fight between a tiger and a wolverine Answers.com is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want Talk:Siberian tiger - Wikipedia It's funny that Bigcats, the tiger fan boy who ruined all tiger and bear pages, had no problem with these additions and allowed absolutely ridiculous claims of bears constituting over 40% of a tiger's diet in some areas, when the valid … Tiger Vs bear slot game to enjoy all free here without any need Tiger Vs Bear includes a claw symbol that acts as a wild card and is able to substitute for any of the basic symbols . The game logo is the scatter and pays in any position, aligned or not. African Lion Vs Grizzly Bear fight comparison, who will win?

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An adult tiger could easilly kill a leopard but leopards kill tiger cubs if they get the chance. Who will win liger vs tiger Ligers are up to 4 times larger than a Siberian Tiger. Hercules the liger is 1755 lbs(798 kg) but a fully grown male Siberian tiger is 600 lbs(273 kg). Who will win out tiger vs crocodile people invade crodiles terrotory to wrestle with them none will attempt to do such a thing to a siberian tiger and yes it could a siberian tiger can destroy a crocodile, no doubt the crocodile is a super preditor but as dangerous as the …

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Free Tiger vs Bear slot machine | Casino Listings free games You will get free spins with the Tiger on reels 2, 3 and 4 and an additional 4 if he wins the battle. If you go for the Bear you will chose between Bear claws until you hit the “stopper”, if the Bear wins the battle all your winnings will be doubled. How to play the Tiger vs Bear African Lion vs. Bengal Tiger vs. Grizzly Bear vs. Saltwater ... The trex rips them all to shreds in the bonus round. I have no clue who wins the main match the bear beats the lion and tiger, but loses to the crocodile. The tiger beats the lion, and possibly the crocodile if it gets on its back, and the lion loses to everyone else in the match.